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You are the seed

You are the seed. What are your desires? To be that which you are – nothing more, nothing less. You know deep within you what is yours to do. There is no judgment, no thinking, just being.

The sunshine brings forth nutrients necessary for your growth. From the same sky comes the rain, another form of nutrient necessary for growth.

The soil within which you grow provides a medium fertile with still more nutrients. It is in the balance of all these factors which your health, like the health of the plant, requires and depends.

A lack of any one of these, an imperfection in the balance, will lead to stunted growth or in the extreme… death.

Material Elements for Growth

So how do we equate the life of a plant and all its necessary elements for health and growth to our life? We are the seed, at first beginning life in the womb of our mother. It is there we are provided an environment and nutrients which enable our growth and eventual birth into this place – Earth.

Once we have moved from the place of germinated seed to sprouted seed we are now out in the elements and subject to them. The sun is still a necessary element for the human body and its growth processes. The rain, providing water, is also necessary being that our body is more than 70% comprised of water.

Love as an Element for Growth

The other elements are provided through various sources; some seen and others unseen.  Love is one element less materially tangible.

We first receive love through our family of origin. The degree to which we receive love mandates the degree of balance in our healthy growth. Are we vibrantly growing in all aspects of body, mind, and spirit, or are we stunted or unbalanced in some way.

This love can later come from friends and acquaintances with whom we develop deep and healthy connections.

Ideally, at some point in your development, the love comes from self. This source of love is the most profound and reliable source when fully developed.

How to Develop Self Love

So, how to develop this self love? That is a very important question which will require much introspection and self healing work to fully develop.

Self-love in its simplest form can begin with the physical form. Merely learn to love your own body, the physical aspect of your being on Earth, the one and only vehicle for your incarnated spirit.

Look and observe closely your body until you are able to see and feel love for every part, whether you see it as perfect or imperfect. Know it is yours and yours alone to care for. See each part, expressing gratitude for what you see. Feel the gratitude and love in your heart for the sum total of all of your physical form.

Show the love to your body, the physical form, by honoring it as a temple and caring for it as such. Put in the body only that which sustains it. Refrain from ingesting harmful substances in search of temporary pleasure which may have long-term, negative consequences. For example: why put sugar in the gas tank of your car?  It does not serve your vehicle and can actually cause harm.

Provide your body with the nutrients which it regularly needs; healthful food in right quantity and interval, water, fresh air, sun, nature, and physical activity.  Show the body your love for it with such loving care.

Your Body’s Response

If unsure whether something is good for the body, ask it. Go into the body, released from the mind, ask, and in quietude await your body’s response.

You, your spirit and your body, are a team in this incarnation. The health and well-being of this team will mark the progress you may make in this life. Whom do you wish to serve and how?

If always done from love, beginning with yourself, with your body, you may reach the heights – much as the growing sprout becomes the fully healthy plant in its fruition.

A channeled message – January 23, 2015



You know how sometimes you are searching for an answer to a question, and you’re not sure where to turn for insight?  Have you ever turned inward,…given yourself quiet moments away from the busy world?   Well, I have.  In those quiet moments I feel a connection to source and channel enlightened messages from my spirit guides.  I share these insightful messages with you in hope they may shine a loving light of compassion over your day and bring peace to your soul.

Wishing you many blessings always,


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