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kerry-cadambi-doorwayHello and welcome to my healing space.

I am Kerry, a curious, compassionate, and intuitive Massage Therapist and Reiki Master who believes that you can create a fulfilling and joyful life of holistic health in body, mind and spirit. You are:

  • a therapist, coach or healthcare provider, whose focus is on those you serve
  • well into your career, taking care of big business, with no time for yourself
  • at a crossroads – ready to nurture a new vision of your life’s purpose

You have lived a life ripe with experience and some of it has thrown you off kilter.  It may be your body is rebelling with pain or lackluster energy.  Maybe unhealthy emotional swings are holding you hostage.  Or possibly you have misplaced the mental clarity and acuity you need to be fully present and productive.

I get what you are going through. I am passionate about helping people like you to feel your best.

You Want to:

  • reclaim your physical health so that you can focus on doing what makes your heart sing
  • listen deeply to your inner voice, connecting you to the calm center of your inner wisdom
  • plug into your laser focusing superpower, enabling you to achieve all that your soul desires

Until now, your energy and focus has been outward – serving other people or purposes.   Now it’s time to put the focus back on you.

I can help you:

By tapping into the universal energy, I am guided to help you access your own inner wisdom.  Together we listen deeply to what your body is telling you, uncovering the root causes which are calling out to be healed. With the choice of several healing modalities, I help to bring your body back into balance, leaving you relaxed and renewed. If you are looking for new perspective in your life, are ready for a breakthroughs, and want to reconnect to your highest potential, let’s get to work!  In our sessions we will explore what you would like to have happen.  We will till the soil of the soul and plant seeds of growth and transformation.

Now it’s time to care for you.  Make an appointment today.

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Why do I do what I do?   Click here to read my story.



Oregon School of Massage – Shiatsu Practitioner Certificate
Oregon School of Massage – Massage Therapist Certificate, Eastern Focus
Portland State University – BA Business Administration/Accounting

Oregon Board of Massage Therapy – Licensed Massage Therapist, #17721

Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling (Level I Core Skills, Advanced, Clean for Teams)
Reiki (Level I, Level II and Master)
Matrix Energetics (Level I and II)
Shamanic Healing Workshops with Frank Coppieters
Esogetic Colorpuncture (Introduction to Esogetic Colorpuncture)



Let’s work together. Make an appointment today.

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“Very caring, nurturing and spends the time to make sure I was comfortable. Also, gave me some suggestions for stretching my back and shoulders which were helpful.”
Client, following Crystal Light Bed session

“You prepared me very well in knowing what to expect and were there with me throughout the process … You’re clearly gifted as a Reiki practitioner for there were things I experienced that I didn’t know could happen in a distance session. And it was great to hear you share your experience, and that you experienced them too. You have a knack for energy work and Reiki!”
Client, following Distance Reiki session

“Kerry is very thorough. She is an active listener and follows through with (suggesting) recommended exercises to be a multi-level solution to the issue.”
Client, following Shiatsu session

“You have a knack for being intuitive, staying right there with me in my process, and asking the right questions which guided me deeper into my process and discovery. The reading has really stayed with me in giving me a direction and arc … Overall, Kerry, I experience you as very likeable, approachable, an authority but not authoritative, fun, and that you love what you do. You convey an interest in my experience which makes me feel cared for and held. Thank you!!”
Client, following Tarot Card reading

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