Tending the Roots

4 one hour sessions + long distance support $424

  • You may be experiencing chronic health issues, you’ve tried many things but you are still looking for a solution.
  • You don’t want to just mask the symptoms but want to get to the underlying root cause.
  • You are ready to do significant inner change work to effect a more balanced health in body, mind and spirit.

I believe that we have all the answers within us, that healing is a holistic process involving body, mind and spirit, and that we need each other to facilitate healing. I believe that the root of much dis-ease and imbalance is due to emotional trauma held within the body. When your body speaks, I listen to discover what is being held onto that no longer serves you. We work together to release any blocks, healing from held trauma, so that you may achieve full health and maximize your true potential. When you choose to walk this path of transformational healing you are not alone. I will walk this path with you. Tending the Roots package includes 4 in-person visits during which we begin to honor and listen more deeply to your body in a new ways. I am like the body whisperer, I listen through my hands and intuition, sharing with you what your body wants you to know. I will mentor you through a multi-modality healing process. In addition, you get more of me between sessions through email support, Reiki, and my attention to and reflection on our work together.

Let’s work together, here’s how:

  • Sign up for the package and you will receive a questionnaire.
  • Complete the questionnaire and email it back to me.
  • We will review your answers, by phone, to determine the format of your first session.
  • We will schedule your first session. Successive sessions are scheduled at the end each meeting.
  • You will receive between session support via email, phone and Reiki.
  • We will check-in before each successive session to see where you’re at and to determine the best format for our next meeting.

What are the benefits of this style of work?

One of the benefits of the Tending the Roots package is that you also are working on your healing in between our meetings. This keeps the healing generative, it continues to transform, and you get much more out of each session as a result.

You receive optimal results when:

  • You are ready for significant inner change work and will make time to do the work.
  • You are willing to take responsibility for engaging in a deep inner personal dialogue.
  • You are committed to this process, showing up with courage and faith to face the unknown.

Choose Tending the Roots to begin your journey of transformational healing.

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