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Today’s topic is a continuation of the thread on self-love. We have covered self-love through care of the body as well as care of the mind. Today we address self-love through care of our spirit. What does this look like?

Care of Our Spirit

We are eternal spirit, embodied in flesh on this earthly plane.  How do we care for our spirit?

Allow Quiet Time

When we allow time for quiet contemplation, removing ourself from worldly concerns, we can connect directly to the divine self – that part of us that is a spark of the divine.

Regular practice builds the ability to consistently and deeply connect to our divine self. This requires quiet contemplation, in a place without distractions.

Create Space

To create the atmosphere which most enables you to raise your vibration, and enter a state of compassionate love, find what resonates for you.  What may be helpful to include in your practice are beautiful crystals, scents which delight you, sounds which relax you, or a space which speaks to you of sacred divinity.

Practice Consistently

Regular time in practice will facilitate an easier dropping into the state. This will create not only consistency but an inner desire to regularly return to this state.

Regular time for quiet introspection allows you to deeply mine the well of your subconscious. It is herein where lies awareness of what it is to be healed.

Cultivate Awareness

You will more clearly see the roots of what creates imbalance in your life.

You may encounter memories, though faint they will serve to remind you your destiny, your sole purpose of incarnating in this life.

This awareness serves to help you recognize synchronicity and messages which come to remind and direct you towards your purpose.

Connect to Spirit

The inward work aids development of your outward form and activities. This connection to spirit and to your spirit will act as a guidance mechanism.

Know that you are never alone, and that all questions can be answered through this deep introspection and connection to spirit. Trust it is always there.

Channeled Message – 2015-01-28


You know how sometimes you are searching for an answer to a question, and you’re not sure where to turn for insight?  Have you ever turned inward,…given yourself quiet moments away from the busy world?   Well, I have.  In those quiet moments I feel a connection to source and channel enlightened messages from my spirit guides.  I share these insightful messages with you in hope they may shine a loving light of compassion over your day and bring peace to your soul.

Wishing you many blessings always,


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