Multiple Healing Modalities

A Path to Achieving Holistic Health

Every healing practitioner brings their own special mix of skills, training and passion to the table.   The methods I am most passionate about are Reiki, Shiatsu, Tarot, and Crystal Light Bed. These have proven to be very helpful in supporting clients healing on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  As we work together I may use one or more healing modalities, by itself or in combination.

Although you may indicate your preference of modality when making an appointment (by writing a note in the Comment box) there’s no need to worry about choosing the ‘right’ service option.  When you arrive we will talk about what you would most like to have happen and, whether by your choice or my guided intuition, we will arrive at the best option for you for that session.

Reiki – Promote Deep Healing

Reiki is a Japanese word, translated as Universal Life Energy.   During a Reiki session energy flows from my hands to you.  This flow may be felt as warmth, vibration, tingling, or sometimes as no sensation at all. Reiki promotes deep healing and shifts as it works on all layers of our being:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It promotes deep relaxation, can reduce or eliminate pain, and may promote clarity and balance for a more centered state of being.  It can increase our capacity for empathy and gratitude, and is a valuable tool for those on a path of personal growth

During a session, you may lay on a massage table fully clothed.  Universal life force energy is channeled through my hands to you, by hand positions held at various points on (or off) the body. This energy has its own innate wisdom – it knows where to go and what to do.

Reiki Class – Receive the Gift of Reiki

Learn to practice Reiki on yourself and others by participating in a Reiki Class.  If you are already Reiki trained then you are welcome to attend a Reiki Circle where you may enhance your practice by sharing and receiving Reiki  with other local practitioners.

Shiatsu massage – Release Held Tension

Shiatsu is a massage style based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is designed to enhance and restore health.  Vital life force energy, called Qi or Ki (pronounced ‘chee’) flows through the meridian system which are energy pathways throughout the body.

The process of assisted stretching, body rocking, and applied pressure using fingers, hands and elbows clears blockages along these pathways and brings the body into balance.   Depending on your preference the touch can range from very gentle to deep pressure.

Shiatsu is performed on a massage table and you are fully clothed, preferably in loose comfortable clothing which allows for stretching.


Tarot – Reveal Answers

This style of Tarot Reading is a tool to stimulate a dialogue with your inner knowing and resources. The answers are already within us. You will be an active participant in the reading, allowing the cards to draw out subconscious themes, metaphors and beliefs.

I will ask you to come prepared in order to better bring focus to our work. Spend some time reflecting on: What do you need from the reading? Is there an issue you want to dig into? Is there a question that’s been on your mind?

The cards help to till the soul, revealing magnificent truth gems that have been just outside of your awareness until now. With theses truths in hand, you leave better equipped to make decisions and take action in line with your best interests, growth and development.

Crystal Light Bed – Cleanse and Balance Chakras

A healing treatment used at John of God‘s Brazilian healing center Casa de Dom Inacio, Crystal Light Bed Therapy is a form of chromotherapy (color therapy) which helps to balance your energy field on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Each light emanates from a pure Vogel cut quartz crystal which amplifies the vibrational energy of each color and brings balance to its respective chakra.  As lights pulse through these crystals,  your chakras (energy centers) will be cleansed, cleared and rebalanced.

During a session you will lie face up on the massage table, fully clothed and with eyes closed. The crystal light system will be positioned above you, aligning with the chakras of your body. You may focus your attention on your breath, notice sensations in your body, drift into dreamland or enter into a deep meditative state. Some experience warmth moving through their body, see colors or visuals, and/or become aware of answers to their questions. Most experience deep relaxation and centering. Prior to your session you may form a specific intention or prayer of what you would like to have happen, while this can be helpful and directive, it is not essential.

A few notes about appointments

Schedule a One Hour session, an Hour and a Half session, or customized package.  When scheduling online, use the comment box to note anything you would like me to know before your session.  This could include indicating your preference for the type of work we do, or asking a question.

Note:   My fancy-dancy online scheduler allows you to ‘add another’ service while scheduling.  That means, for example, you may schedule one service, then add another service to it (like a crystal light session).    You may also pay for the services online after scheduling your session.   This allows us to focus more on you during the session and less on paperwork.

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