You know how sometimes you are searching for an answer to a question, and you’re not sure where to turn for insight?
Have you ever turned inward,…given yourself quiet moments away from the busy world?
Well, I have. In those quiet moments I feel a connection to source and channel enlightened messages from my spirit guides. I share these insightful messages with you in hope they may shine a light of love and compassion over your day, bringing peace to your soul.

Many Blessings to You Dear Ones, 



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Finding the love within yourself

This message is about finding love within oneself. It is the seed to be germinated, sprouted and tended with care to grow to full fruition. Our work first begins at home, to love thyself, as only then can we fully love another.

Germinate the seed of love

Begin the process of germinating the seed, knowing the seed of love exists in all beings, waiting to be discovered and nurtured. Imagine holding this seed of love in the palms of your cupped hands. Imagine holding it with the intention of a loving, nurturing energy. This energy will thoroughly encompass and be absorbed by the ’seed’, much as the body heat from your hands would do to a real seed held so.

Now, after some time and when when you feel ready, take this germinating seed and plant it in the fertile valley of your heart chakra. This soil is made fertile with intention, your intention of self-love, self-care, self acceptance on all levels; spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental. It is a constant work to keep this soil fertile, fecund, and watered with life- giving force.

Daily practices

Daily practices provided to you in other messages will guide you to practices for keeping the soil fertile and watered. As well, there will be further instructions for tending the plant as it grows from germinated seed, to sprout, to fruitful plant. May you always tend your inner garden lovingly that it provide nutrition and sweet produce for your continued growth and spiritual advancement. And it is so.

A channeled message – January 20, 2015


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