My Story

01_kerry_cadambi--2A body of betrayal

I know what it is like to feel that your body has betrayed you, to struggle to understand why, and to wonder if you will ever feel better. In the mid-1990s I went through a severe health crisis; I had no energy, felt depressed, had given so much that I was completely depleted, had no personal life goals, and relationship issues had come to a head.

Learn to connect to an inner wisdom

I consulted with medical doctors who did their best but nothing helped. Being brought to my knees I sought help from Naturopathy, counseling and this new to me thing called Reiki. I found avenues to healing that I had not known of before. I learned how my feelings and my body are connected, and that is was time to put the focus back on myself. I learned to trust my inner voice, felt guided to study various healing methods, and to seek out a healer in Brazil named John of God. I learned that I had deep roots within me crying out to be healed. This was all new to me.

Changes and challenges are opportunity for growth

Then came BIG changes. My relationship changed, I moved, and I needed to figure out a new way of working. It was a difficult time. As a result of these challenges, with the help of Reiki and trips to John of God, I immersed myself in an oasis of self care, personal growth, and spiritual development. I took time to slow down, to listen to the wisdom of my body and to connect to my inner knowing.

Step onto the path of healing

Through the all the twists and turns on my path, I’ve come to learn that we are on a healing journey. My passion is to walk with you on your journey of healing so that you may feel better and realize your full potential. Let’s work together to shift what holds you back; whether it be physical pain, a health issue, emotional trauma, or spiritual emergency, I can help you. Let’s make time to take care of you, to listen to your body, to your inner voice and to connect to your inner wisdom. Some other things you might want to know about me: I love getting my hands in the garden dirt, and although I love flowers, I really get a kick out of growing things I can eat. Reading cookbooks makes me happy. To skip my morning meditation and self Reiki practice would be like leaving the house without brushing my teeth….NOT going to happen. I speak Portuguese and can do a pretty good job of butchering French and Spanish.

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My Philosophy

  • Optimal health is achieved holistically; simultaneously involving body, mind, and spirit
  • There is a mind/body connection.  The state of our mind – our beliefs, thoughts and self talk – has power to affect change on the physical
  • Dis-ease and imbalance is due to emotional trauma held within the body
  • Our bodies talk and tell us when we are out of alignment, or stuck, so that we may take notice and make changes
  • Anything is possible, and change sometimes comes in ways that we least expect
  • Skilled use of various healing modalities can bring bodily held traumas from the subconscious to the conscious, to be healed and released
  • Although we have all the answers within us, we are here to be in relationship with others and we do not have to walk our path alone
  • Once trauma, the root of issues, is healed and released then we are no longer triggered

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