About John of God

John of God is a medium.

He gives himself and his body over to God (or Spirit), who performs healing work through him. Entities are Spirit on the other side; at 16 years old, John of God had his first experience of entities incorporating in him and healing through him. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping people, and performs his services free of charge. In the early days he went from town to town, healing people until he was jailed, beaten or run out of town. At one point he struck a deal with Spirit. He said, do you want me to do this work for real? They told him to go buy a piece of land. Now, John of God holds daily sessions at his Casa de Dom Ignacio in Brazil, and visitors travel from far and wide.

The Casa de Dom Ignacio is a healing center.

The energy about the grounds is healing in and of itself. At the Casa there are many protocols. People file through the medium current rooms, sit in meditation and raise the energetic vibration. With permission, some enter the entity current room. The energy there is palpable and cleansing. When you finally go before John of God, you can ask for up to three requests. He gives a response, and a direction to take in your time at the Casa. These directions may include sitting in current (which is very beneficial), taking Crystal Light Bed Therapy sessions, visiting the waterfall, or filling a prescription for Pacifora herbs. Often, John of God will take your request and place it in a basket. Those requests are worked on for a year. Optionally, invisible surgery is performed with spiritual anesthetic, followed by a 24-hour period of resting and healing.

People have asked me, do you believe in John of God and his ability to heal? John of God has always said, “It is not I who heals, it is God who heals.” I absolutely believe this, because I have experienced it. I have been to John of God regularly since 2007. I first went out out of a sense of curiosity, and kept returning for the spiritual development it provided me, assisting with personal growth. I learned valuable lessons: how to stand in personal power, how to set boundaries, follow intuition and listen to guidance. You may have an idea of why you’re going and what you want to work on, but the Spirit has their own ideas! An overarching lesson I’ve received is: You don’t have to do it all by yourself. I’ve learned that we hare here to be in relation to one another, and to learn to ask for help.

Many people have been deeply affected by their visit to John of God. When you experience being in the energy, you too will feel the synchronicities and assisting hands of the entities in guiding you.

I give small group tours (6-8 people) because I believe that, as a tour guide who is a good listener and compassionate, I can be there for a person and help support them in their journey. I have been to John of God at Casa de Dom Ignacio many times; I know the protocol and understand the process and potential, and I respect it and believe in it. On tours, I provide logistical support, scheduling visits and sessions in advance, and am a resource for information about protocol, so that you know where you’re supposed to be and what to do when you’re there. I have also lived in Brazil, speak Portuguese, and am familiar with the Posada (inn) we stay at – which is my favorite and books up to a year in advance.

Most importantly, I’m there with you, holding space for you as you process, and there to hear you and support you in your work. We’ll go together to the Casa and have meals and group sessions together as a mini community and safe space to ask questions, share our experiences, and support one another. On your first visit to John of God, you may have no point of reference for what you will experience. Having someone to connect with can become important, and for me it is about facilitating and supporting you.

How do you know if a tour to visit John of God is right for you?

Some travel to Casa de Dom Ignacio in search of physical healing, others for spiritual development and their life’s purpose.Some go out of simple curiosity. If you feel driven to do this, then it is right for you. If it resonates with you, then it is right for you. A trip to John of God is a transformational time to do your deep inner work. I expect group members to honor Casa processes and protocols, and respect other group members and their processes. You’ll get what you put into it, so come prepared to take responsibility for your own healing, make time for self-reflection, and be ready to experience a shift. It will be transformational, I have no doubt about that!


“She fully understands the importance of having a safe and nurturing healing experience and provides the necessary space and support so that clients can focus on their physical, emotional and spiritual healing.”

Client, after tour to John of God in Brazil

Let me support you on a healing and transformational journey to John of God in Abadiania, Brazil. Click here for information about upcoming small group tours or contact me at info@kerrycadambi.com or 503-893-8871.

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